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    Experienced waste removal in Perth

    At Junk Removal, we aim to provide you with an affordable service without hidden costs such as travelling and labour. We will listen to your requirements and assess your removal goods to provide you with an all-inclusive quote.

    We guarantee to offer cheaper waste removal for all stores in Western Australia. With no labour fee and we offer free quotes, what more could you ask for?

    Our Pricing

    $100.00 min charge. (Includes first cubic metre)

    From $70 per cubic metre thereafter

    $150 per cubic metre for Rubble and Sand*

    $85 per cubic metre for Timber*

    $60 per cubic metre for Cardboard*

    $10 per tyre

    We will take everything including batteries, paint, oil, chemicals, gas bottles. However, we do not take asbestos.

    Our Competitors

    Average Skip Bin Cost - 2 cubic metres - $200 (subject to dump fees)

    Average Competitors Cost - 2 cubic metres - $220 (subject to labour fees)

    Our Price - $140 (inc GST & Call out fee)

    Rates and recycling

    Skips, transfer stations and landfill sites have made another increase in their prices in January 2016 - as much as 30% at some of them. We think this is crazy and it is getting too expensive. As such, we have recently acquired a warehouse so we can recycle, sort, donate and dump the correct materials in the proper manner, thus keeping our prices steady, with only a 3.0% approximate increase. 

    No job is too big or too small

    We have just completed our biggest job. Over 700 cubic metres, this was a total of 65 to 70 tons of junk and rubbish from 1 rural property. As Junk Removal has 11 staff to call on this was no problem to us. Junk Removal's price was based on salvage, so our price was half that of our nearest competitors.
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