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    Premium office removalists at your service

    Have you recently upgraded your furniture with no clue on how to get rid of your old stuff? Are you unsure of how to dispose of that old analogue TV monitor?

    Do you want to remove your old items, but cannot think of where or how? Not to worry, call the professional office removalists, Junk Removal.

    Office furniture removal can be awkward, backbreaking, and difficult to do yourself. Let Junk Removal take care of the situation. Our furniture removal service, undertaken by friendly workers in specially equipped vans, can load all your old and unwanted furniture, e-waste, fixtures, desks and chairs. We offer TV recycling, and if some of the furniture is in a good condition, we will donate it to charity.

    Junk Removal will take the stress out of clearing your home or office.

    Carpet removal

    If you have recently replaced your carpet and don't know what to do with the old one, call Junk Removal and our hardworking team will come to your door and remove it with minimum fuss. Our carpet removal service includes old mats and rugs.

    For your convenience, we operate in all Perth suburbs and the CBD.

    Tyre removal

    Tyre recycling could also be a part of your office removal if you are an industrial business. Tyres are known as the worst landfill offenders, due to the rubber composition that refuses to break down, and the amount of tyres now dumped into landfills is causing a major concern. As a result, many landfill sites limit the disposal of tyres.

    Fortunately, tyre recycling is becoming a more common way of disposing of them; shredding the rubber and turning the waste product into asphalt, shoes and basketball courts is helping increase landfill capacity and reduce unwanted tyres’ harmful impact on the environment. No matter the size or type of your old tyre, if it can fit in our van, we will remove it and dispose of or recycle it in a responsible way.

    Call Junk Removal on 0414 694 656, and see how getting rid of all your old and unwanted items need not be a stressful experience.

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