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Commercial Rubbish Removal

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    Commercial waste collection services in Perth

    Junk Removal is the recommended choice when it comes to the removal and disposal of your old, unwanted or broken shop fittings. Our specially equipped vans can haul any type of item you have to throw out, while our commercial rubbish removal services are available for all commercial jobs, big or small.

    No shop fitting is too complicated for us to remove. Whether it is computer equipment, stock racks, counters, or entire dressing rooms, Junk Removals will work swiftly and efficiently to clear your area of unwanted waste, and get you back to doing what you need to – service your customers.

    Many people assume that commercial waste removal is a simple task, but not only do you have to clear your area of all the waste; you also have to dispose of it in a responsible manner without harming the environment. The majority of shop-fitting materials are not biodegradable. Stainless steel and plastic fittings are especially harmful to the eco system if not disposed of correctly. At Junk Removal, we pride ourselves on our capabilities to undertake commercial waste collection as well as disposal.

    Our commercial waste removal is available Perth-wide. Even if you are in the middle of Perth's CBD, our vehicles can easily access the narrow streets of the inner city, causing minimal disruption to shoppers and city browsers.

    With our skilled team and specialised equipment, your waste removal task will be completed in record time, affording you the luxury of either continuing business as usual, or get to the next part of your planning phase quicker.

    Call Junk Removal on 0414 694 656 , and see how disposing of all your old and unwanted shop fittings can be easy and stress-free.

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