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    Experienced rubbish removalists in Perth

    Junk Removal was founded in 2008, and is your professional waste disposal service operating in Perth and the surrounding suburbs. Our founders decided to start a waste disposal service that served the community and provided realistic prices.

    Our aim is to take all the stress out of waste disposal for our clients, so we get in, do our thing and let you sit back and relax. No need to bother with hiring an expensive skip bin and spending the day loading everything in yourself! 

    Environmentally friendly rubbish removal

    Let us help you remove your rubbish in an environmentally friendly way. Our comprehensive waste disposal and recycling service ensures that nothing gets missed, so you can clean up and keep the environment happy at the same time. Our experienced team of rubbish removalists will take care of all those ‘rubbish’ jobs for you!
    junk removal waste enviornmental waste removal

    Experienced rubbish removalis

    Many people assume that commercial waste removal is a simple task, but not only do you have to clear your area of all the waste, you also have to dispose of it in a responsible manner without harming the environment.

    The majority of shop-fitting materials are not biodegradable, and computer systems and plastic fittings are especially harmful to the eco system if not disposed of correctly. At Junk Removal, we pride ourselves on our capabilities to undertake commercial waste collection as well as disposal. We can remove all types of items including:

    • Household Appliances
    • Computers and Printers
    • Unwanted Furniture and old Carpets
    • Shop and Commercial Fittings
    • Old Tyres, Bricks and Paint Removal

    Our Associations

    Junk Removal endorses the following brands/businesses:

    Treasure Chest Salvage Australia ( www.treasurechestsalvage.com.au )

    Perth eWaste

    Hoarder Rescue

    Mattress Removal WA ( www.mattressremoval.com.au )


    We understand that it's difficult getting by when you're a pensioner. Junk Removal aims to provide a waste disposal service that is affordable to the elderly by offering generous discounts to show our appreciation and respect.

    We often end up with a lot of furniture that is actually quite good (you would be surprised what some people throw out).

    Call us today on   1300 782 038  or    0414 694 656  for more information!

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